My name is Tucker Fredrickson and I am a licensed Real Estate Agent in Pasadena/Altadena and the surrounding areas. I created this site because there is an astonishingly low amount of original information on properties available online for those interested in housing.  I am a professional who works in the field every day and I would like to help you in any way that I can. I am dedicated and hardworking and would love to make, what is for most people, the biggest decision of your life that much easier. I am working with a senior agent, my dad, John Fredrickson who has 30+ years of experience. Together we provide a comprehensive understanding of what it means to buy a house and remove as much of the heartache that is involved as possible. If you would like more information or if there is any questions I can help answer please send me an email or call me.    Connect With Tucker >


As I stated on the home page the major Real Estate websites all draw their information from one source. That source is the Multiple Listing Service or (MLS) which is a tool Real Estate Agents use to look for and advertise properties. This is unfortunate for the general public because it means that the information you can find on properties you are interested in is provided to you by those seeking to sell you that property. My vision is to provide those who are looking for a home an opinion drawn from my experience in the Real Estate profession, giving a secondary source of information that has originated from a professional who is on your side. There is a lot of discrepancy that can occur between how a house looks online and how it feels in person. I seek to give another opinion on the homes that you are interested in. If you were looking into buying a car you would want another opinion about the car other than that of car agency? That is precisely the spot I am seeking to fill. I want to be on your side in the market. If you are interested in a property that I have not reviewed contact me and I we can work out a time to set up a showing of the property. That way I can give you my opinions in person and you can get a chance to see the house up close and personal.
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